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BLÜ sings us into serenity on "Note To Self"

You won’t just love BLÜ for the endless amount of swagger she walks with, her delicate, batting eyelashes, or neon coloured pixie cut. You will love BLÜ for embodying creativity in every way possible. A multidimensional inventor, BLÜ will lure you into her labyrinth with one intention: to heal with chromatic elixirs. On a mission to restore and enlighten, BLÜ (FKA Luna Loxx) invites us into her chamber with “Note To Self”. 

An antidote for self doubt, "Note To Self" is a cure, in fact, it is one she first formulated for herself. On the song, BLÜ encourages the anxious mind with words of affirmation, asking “baby don’t you know that you’re chosen?” The hypnotic beat may have you lost in a daydream, but with a careful ear, each listen reveals new intricacies. Ambient and experimental, BLÜ has crafted an alternative sound, or rather, an entire aura, that is distinct to her alone. The hazy melody, produced by Chaz Fuego, combines bright, trippy synths with chained rhythms. At once, BLÜ holds the former captive and rebuilds the new. 

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