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Baby Storme delivers a delightfully unconventional Valentine's Day anthem on "everybody knows"

In the modern era of TikTok virality churning out chart-topping hits almost daily, very few of these lucky young artists have the staying power to follow up their viral jackpot. An artist with the substance of Baby Storme, however, looks to change that narrative. With a Valentine's Day release of "everybody knows", the young New York artist delivers a fully realized picture of relationship angst set against a strategically minimalistic soundscape. After her unconventionally groovy single "Jackson" rocketed her up the trending charts at the start of 2021, fans have eagerly awaited this subsequent new release.  

Showcasing a more mature and developed viewpoint since her last single, "everybody knows" still functions as a cautiously boppy showcase for the spectacular vocal presence that caught the attention of fans worldwide. Every previous release by Baby Storme seems to have a dark undercurrent that buries itself beneath what sounds like cookie-cutter R&B. "Bad Dreamz" most notably, documents a kidnapping set against the brilliant but unexpected J Cole "Wet Dreamz" sample. Her newest single is no different as it explores toxicity and trepidation over a disarmingly soulful accompaniment. In this way, Baby Storme is able to define true-to-genre R&B while still exploring unconventional and uncomfortable topics.  

Embracing the unorthodox in a way that maintains any R&B-heads' genre familiarity is an interesting angle for any artist.  For one as fresh as Baby Storme, it conveys a sense of self that is well beyond her years, which is why she has all the tools to outlast the blink-and-you'll-miss-it time frame of the average TikTok star.  

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Neo-Soul · R&B


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