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Lindon and Quadeca take us to class on "Anti Drug" [Video]

Lindon and Quadeca release an out-of-the-ordinary visual for their latest collab "Anti Drug"— a plea for those battling addiction to seek recovery. 

Being his first track of 2021, Lindon couples with Quadeca in order to release a powerful and conscious hip-hop track, like Lindon has in the past, such as "Queen" and "The Real Me." "Anti Drug" cleverly delivers their message of seeking treatment to help turn a person's life around. Both Quadeca and Lindon's impeccable flow intertwine as they go rhyme for rhyme, trying to motivate the younger generation to see another perspective and to choose a better path. Rapping about drug education and awareness, these two artists use their platforms to place an importance on mental and physical health.
*Anyone currently battling addiction, or know someone who is, here are a few links to places that can help: 
Connect with Lindon: Twitter | Instagram | Spotify 
Connect with Quadeca: Twitter | Instagram | Spotify 


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