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Tkay Maidza & Yung Baby Tate share electrifying single “KIM”

Standout Zimbabwean-Australian artist Tkay Maidza has shared an electrifying new single titled “KIM”, featuring Yung Baby Tate.

Multi-talented artist Tkay Maidza was born in Zimbabwe and raised in Australia. She got her start in music at the Northern Sound System artist development program, before she began to release her own songs. In 2015, her song “MOB” gained airplay on Australian commercial radio, leading to an explosion in her popularity. Since then, she has gained international recognition, collaborating with American artists like JPEGMAFIA, and now Yung Baby Tate on this recent release “KIM”.

“KIM” is an homage to three Kims: Lil’ Kim, Kim Kardashian, and Kim Possible. "KIM" finds the two rappers trading fiery verses over a grimy beat by Dan Farber. The beat contains gritty synths and blasting percussion. Thundering 808’s rumble beneath, adding depth to the instrumental. In addition, the distortion on the 808’s make them feel enormous and powerful.

Overall, “KIM” is an intense offering from Tkay Maidza and Yung Baby Tate. The song is chaotic while still remaining catchy, which is a great feat to pull off. The two rappers showcase superb chemistry as they trade off speedy verses over the roaring instrumental.

Connect with Tkay Maidza: Spotify | Instagram | Twitter
Connect with Yung Baby Tate: Spotify | Instagram | Twitter

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