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Max B and Giggs release anthemic collaboration "Bad to the Bone"

Legendary rappers Max B and Giggs have released an anthemic new collaboration called “Bad to the Bone”.

Innovative New York rapper Max B has had an interesting career story. He first rose to prominence after signing with Jim JonesByrdGang label in 2006. Following a widely publicized split with Jones, Max B went on to have a successful solo career. He would begin to work more closely with the likes of French Montana and Dame Grease. Eventually, Max B became known for his innovative, idiosyncratic experimentation with melodic songwriting and atmospheric beats. However, at the height of his success he was charged with murder conspiracy and robbery charges and sentenced to 75 years in jail. His sentence was reduced in 2019, meaning he will most likely get released in 2021.

For “Bad to the Bone” Max B collaborated with legendary UK rapper Giggs. Giggs grew up across the Atlantic Ocean from Max B, in Peckham, London. Raised by Jamaican parents, Giggs first became involved with music as a DJ playing reggae music. He first came into the spotlight for his 2008 independently released album Walk in da Park. Since then Giggs has made a name for himself as one of the most influential and celebrated rappers in the UK.

“Bad to the Bone” is an anthemic track. Produced by Paul Couture, the instrumental on “Bad to the Bone” is regal and powerful. Glorious horns ring out overtop of heavy, bouncy drums. Elegant keys drift quietly underneath, adding depth to the instrumental. The drums are crisp and full of swing, creating an exciting pace throughout the track. The bass on “Bad to the Bone” rumbles underneath the drums, adding intensity to the song. Max B and Giggs drop charismatic, laid back verses over top of the majestic instrumental.

This international collaboration between Max B and Giggs sounds smooth, as if it came together naturally. Considering this is their first collaboration together, that is quite the feat. Overall, both rappers come through with solid performances over top of the glorious instrumental. Hopefully this could lead to a full joint project between the two.

Connect with Max B: Spotify | Instagram | Twitter

Connect with Giggs: Spotify | Instagram | Twitter

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