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DMX Krew releases long-awaited solo debut on Cultivated Electronics

Prolific producer DMX Krew has finally made his solo debut on Sync 24’s Cultivated Electronics, marking the occasion with four cuts exploding with modular funk. With over 25 years of experience under his belt, Edward Upton is one of the most well-loved producers in electro — for very good reason. Combine Upton's signature style with the Cultivated Electronics sound, and electro connoisseur's everywhere will be foaming at the mouth. 

Title track, “Overseer” is an early leader for standout track, clocking in with four minutes of mind-bending groove. Impossible not to get you dancing, “Overseer” is one of those tracks that’ll keep us ticking over until we can hit a dancefloor again. Robotic melodies and shimmering synths give the track a cosmic edge that will keep it sounding timeless for years to come. “Plashingers” takes us on a trip through time and space; it’s bursting at the seams with mechanical whirs and futuristic soundscapes, whilst remaining full of funk and warmth. This one is going to melt faces when we next come face to face with a rigged soundsystem, and it's going to sound all the sweeter when it finally happens. 

“Vacuum Surfers” is incredibly aptly named — if surfing in vacuums had a soundtrack, there would be no prizes for guessing that it sounds like this. A vibrant bassline keeps things energetic, with the contrast of moody synths pulling us slowly back to Earth. It's a wickedly fun track that was written with the rave firmly in mind. “Diaspora” winds things down to a close gently, with a slow machine funk that sounds straight off a video game. Think “Midnight Request Line,” but for electro. A heavily impressive EP to kick-start the 2021 releases, DMX Krew and Cultivated Electronics is a match made in dance heaven. 

Overseer can be streamed and purchased via Bandcamp.

Connect with DMX Krew: Spotify 

Dance · Electro


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