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LO captures feeling "Blu" on the first taste of his new album

With each new year, often comes new beginnings and for prolific Berlin-based producer and artist LO it signifies the start of a new chapter, in both the first taste of his forthcoming album and his first foray into singing on his own works.

"Blu" also showcases a compelling trajectory for the project's overall direction, with its opening salvo leaning more towards the alternative R&B space than his more typical electronic flavours.

The R&B focus is clear from the offset, with its soft introductory chords and muted toms reminiscent of Drake's "Marvin's Room." With each passing cadence, the track becomes more swathed in an icy, yet emotively rich atmosphere, forming the perfect ambience for his newfound, glacially autotuned croons.

Speaking to the lyricism behind his first vocal effort in an email statement, he outlines that, “Love is a strange thing and breakups are even stranger. BLU talks about this feeling of someone still having power over your thoughts and actions long after they have departed. The universal dilemma of the head versus the heart. “

The lovesick lyricism dynamically swells into the instrumental passages, that whilst predominantly lyricless, perpetuates the lachrymose and rose-tinted direction of this short-lived, yet oceans deep musical journey.

"Blu" is available now via Absent Mind.

Connect with LO: Instagram | Spotify



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