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DJ Lucas releases vibrant visual for “The Crazy Part” [Video]

Massachusetts artist DJ Lucas has shared a vibrant new visual for his song “The Crazy Part”.

“The Crazy Part” features rapper Finesse Fresco and is produced by Branchez and Sammy. The artists involved with this song are affiliated with the Dark World collective, an eclectic label based in Western Massachusetts. DJ Lucas himself was raised in Western Massachusetts, and founded the Dark World collective in the mid 2010s. He became known on the internet for his idiosyncratic style and pleasing aesthetic. Since founding Dark World, he has released a slew of compelling mixtapes.

“The Crazy Part” features a vibrant, bouncy instrumental produced by Branchez and Sammy. The beat consists of gritty synths riding smoothly over distorted 808's. It includes a drum line that is saturated and textured. The instrumental feels easy going and light hearted. DJ Lucas and Finesse Fresco provide fast-paced, melodic verses over the minimalistic instrumental.

The video, directed by HiDEF the CHEF, is bright and uplifting. It features DJ Lucas and Finesse Fresco doing graffiti, and generally having a great time. The video uses vibrant colours to match the gleefulness of the song. It invokes a sense of nostalgia by capturing a reminiscent atmosphere.

Overall, “The Crazy Part” is a fun offering from DJ Lucas and Finesse Fresco. The song is bouncy and cheerful, and the accompanying visual is colourful and sentimental. The song and visual are ultimately enjoyable and lively.

Connect with DJ Lucas: Spotify | Twitter | Instagram

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