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Emanny sings a song for all of those who are "In Too Deep"

LA-based, New York-raised R&B singer Emanny releases a pacifying "In Too Deep," a new track that sends chills throughout our spine with his sweet tone and electrifying words. 

It's been about two years since Emanny has dropped any music. Nevertheless, he is still known in the hip-hop and R&B world, having plenty of features with various artists such as Donnell Jones, Miguel, Ginuwine, Joe Budden, and Jadakiss. Although time has passsed, he's definitely back better than ever, his ability to serenade with such a soothing voice is still present.
Beautifully projecting his tone, the poetic songwriting on "In Too Deep" easily makes its way to our hearts in the form of a lullaby. With these heartfelt words, he creates a raw and beautiful image of how love feels when you're falling in it, especially when it comes to the emotion of fear. Produced by Karon Graham and Blame Ronnie, the brilliant choice of instruments, such as the piano keys and the light guitar strings, create a heavenly atmosphere, perfectly matching Emanny's flawless voice, tone, and effortless delivery.  Stay tuned for his upcoming project 3
Connect with Emanny: Instagram | Twitter | Spotify 


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