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BINNY’s new video for “Prime” is both intimate and sassy

Maryland R&B artist BINNY drops his hot new visuals for "Prime." If you're ever feeling down in the dumps, then turn up the volume, because BINNY is here to show you who you are and what you're worth! We all go through phases where we lack confidence, especially in our online world, where we're constantly exposed to people through filters and edited posts. It's easy to compare ourselves to things that aren't even real, but BINNY want's to remind you about the importance of feeling yourself and appreciating your glow up no matter how big or small.

"Prime" encapsulates the songwriter's assurance and sass, emitting a powerful aura. Featuring smooth runs and dripping in R&B sauce, the track pulls you in from the very first note, showcasing it's fat, pulsing bass to twinkling, fairy-light bell sounds. His positive attitude is displayed both sonically and in his new visuals, with the artist airing a boldness and light that refuses to be dimmed by anyone or anything. BINNY shares, “By the time I entered my 20s, I worked on finding peace within myself and started embracing everything about myself. I became more confident, outspoken, and creative.” BINNY’s confidence and conviction is motivating, encouraging you to find yourself and be comfortable in your own skin. This is reinforced in the video, full of home-style shots that have a retro film vibe, the clips range from luscious plant backgrounds, weight lifting, bedroom dancing, chandeliers and leopard print fuzzy projections, all emanating dedicated and passionate scenes.

The musician and fashion fiend also loves to express himself through his clothing style, sharing, “It's also important for me that my music is translated visually in what I'm wearing.” The video’s scenes are carefully created to compliment his outfits and you can really see BINNY’s creative juices flowing from start to finish. "Prime" is worth a watch to get some confidence inspo!

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