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Benny the Butcher releases ominous new song “3:30 in Houston”

Buffalo, New York rapper Benny the Butcher has shared an ominous new song titled “3:30 in Houston”. This is the first song from Benny since his acclaimed album Burden of Proof with Hit-Boy. “3:30 in Houston” is the first single from Benny’s label Griselda Records’ upcoming film Conflicted. The track finds Benny the Butcher delivering a rapid-fire flow over a dark, eery beat produced by Beat Butcha and Daringer.

The production on “3:30 in Houston” is ominous and insidious. Producers Beat Butcha and Daringer strive for simplicity while simultaneously creating a beat that is relentlessly dark. The beat features eery keys and rich, droning bass. Guitars wail over dusty, sturdy drums that provide a backdrop for Benny the Butcher’s husky vocals. Benny’s vocals are menacing but smooth, with rapid flows over top of the dark instrumental.

“3:30 in Houston” will be featured in Griselda Records’ upcoming film Conflicted. The dark, ominous tone of the song would be perfect for a crime movie, so this choice makes sense.

“3:30 in Houston” follows the recent incident in Houston in which Benny the Butcher was shot in the leg in an attempted robbery. Despite the incident, Benny sounds as strong as ever and manages to finish this year on a high note.

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