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Nātiv Records launch imprint with new EP from Nick Warren

Long-standing contributor to the dance music community, Nick Warren has released a new EP — Freedom Call / Electro Shock. With previous releases on infamous labels such as Bedrock Records and Global Underground, Warren’s latest body of work marks the launch of a new label, Nātiv Records.

The two-track EP, which features a collaboration with rising Egyptian star Black 8, keeps things stripped back and simple, without losing the atmospheric edge. “Freedom Call” gets the ball rolling with just under ten minutes of tribal-inspired drums, meandering synths and gentle melodies. Subtle rhythmic changes keep things chugging along, as the nineties vocal samples take centre stage. A slow burner to begin with, the payoff is worth the wait as the track unfolds; this one has sunrise sessions written all over it.

“Electro Shock,” which acts as a homage to Warren’s early electro records, quickly settles into a Balearic vibe, with enough positive energy to melt your problems away. Dreamy synths and a powerful piano lead make it an easy standout. It’s one of those tracks that brings about a case of anemoia; regardless of what it makes us feel nostalgic about, the feeling’s unshakeable. “Electro Shock” has us dreaming of trips to the beach with our nearest and dearest. An emotional banger to say the least!

Freedom Call / Electro Shock can be streamed via Spotify and purchased via Beatport.

Connect with Nick Warren: Spotify | Twitter | Instagram

Dance · Electro · House · Progressive House · Techno


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