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Irene Skylakaki unveils "Thank You. For Good Science" from new album

Having impressed many a crowd in the bustling live music scene of London, the pathway of Greek alt-folk singer-songwriter Irene Skylakaki's fourth album, Souvenir, was dramatically altered when lockdown hit. "I had to leave London and come back to Athens, so I worked on a few songs remotely with Scottish musician, friend, and producer Iain Gordon Smith," she explains in an email statement.

Despite working remotely to complete the album, the new approach garnered reinvigorated results. She continues, "Overall while this is my fourth album, it feels more like my first one, as my involvement in every little detail was much deeper. I believe it’s a good music ‘photograph’ of where I stand at the moment and I’m excited to share it.”

The lead single, "Thank You. For Good Science" is just one of many highlights from the aforementioned 'photograph'.

With four albums under her belt, along with a myriad of other releases, her sound has thrived on experimentation and "Thank You. For Good Science" perfectly exemplifies the consistent exploration of it's boundaries. A metamorphic journey through different tones, styles and moods, the darkly alluring grit that introduces the track, blooms into a transformative and mesmeric cohesion of textures that even while oceans deep, provides acres of space for her enchantingly delivered storytelling.

Souvenir is available now via United We Fly.

Connect with Irene Skylakaki: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify

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