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Suspect Ed takes us on a "First Class" trip

LA-based, 6-man group Suspect Ed wrote a song about traveling the world on a "First Class" ticket and we are absolutely here for it. The track was birthed after their producer Drew Kapner told them about a first-class trip he took and the entire squad got into the lab to crank out the jam. 

"First Class" has an engulfing and cinematic feel with its lush pop synths, crunchy drums, and rock guitars that come up to raise the energy levels. It's hard to box them in and their love for different genres comes to play from the luxurious rap verses with lyrics like "Put some G's in my pocket like it's Gucci in my wallet so every time they see me they gonna ask me how I got it/ How I need a passport just to take my mama shopping" to the pop-influenced chorus. The group sure know their onions and easily blend their styles to appeal to a wide range of listeners.

We suspect "First Class" could be a one-off single as no full-length project is attached to it but expect more from the sextet in the nearest future. So far, they have released an LP and an EP since their 2017 debut AE1

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Hip-Hop · Rap


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