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Biig Piig shares new track “Feels Right”

London-based singer Biig Piig dropped her newest single “Feels Right,” a track laced with vibes reminiscent of an adventurous night out dancing.

With several neo-soul and alternative hip-hop tracks under her belt, “Feels Right” showcases Biig Piig’s cross genre appeal by navigating the poppy side of funk. On the track, the Irish songstress details all the anticipation of what could unfold with the push of romance and a party atmosphere.

“Feels Right” may bring attention to the void of nightlife most people are experiencing this year; however, the track offers a feel-good production stylized by a quirky guitar intro that effortlessly transitions to a subtle bassline. In contrast to Biig Piig’s usual sultry vocals, she adopts a softer, rhythmic tone to compliment the elated energy of the track.

“Feels Right” certainly sets the tone for the post-quarantine rave one could only hope for. The recent release adds to the momentum Biig Piig has been building this year. The track follows last month’s double release of her songs “Oh No” and “Liahr.”

Fans were able to get a first listen to the song by following her Spotify Quaranwine and Chill playlist. If this pop-inspired track is any indicator of the type of exploration Biig Piig will be doing with on her forthcoming debut, fans can look forward to pleasantly eccentric piece of work.

Connect with Biig Piig: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Spotify

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