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JEZ_EBEL unveils the blissful indie-pop cut "You'll Get Over It"

Having found her footing on SoundCloud, Norwegian indie-pop songstress JEZ_EBEL has taken great strides from her rough-edged, unfinished demos that helped the project’s concept take shape. Now onto her third official single, "You'll Get Over It," she brims with confidences as her irrefutably distinct sound continues to blossom, and rapturously so.

Referring to the project's inception in an email statement she shares that, "I wanted JEZ_EBEL to be everything that Isabelle might not dare to be, say or even feel. It was born from an outlet and secession which what was previously expected of me both verbally and subconsciously. Of course, at that time, I didn’t realize this. But I now recognize that it was also a stance I took creatively."

With tensions running high across the world this year for all manner of reasons, music has been a consistent source of escape and this track offers that from as soon as you hit play. A warm and charmingly nostalgic mix of dusty synths and tenderly played guitars sets your mind awash with transformative sensations. Embellished by twinkly keys and textures, her resplendent vocal then glides in to completely consume your consciousness, with its tenderly understated delivery leaving you hanging off each silky line.

Connect with JEZ_EBEL: Instagram | SoundCloud | Spotify

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