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Deco put the "Brakes On" relationship commitment

Indie-pop trio Deco perfect the ultimate synth-fuelled bop, and "Brakes On" is on an entirely different level. Hooked within the first few seconds, this is a single that will, without a doubt, become a classic. Be warned; this is addictive.

Written with classic 80s undertones, the single effortlessly glides into stunning euphoria to provide three-minutes of pure, glittering escapism. Featuring dazzling guitar jangles and hypnotic synth pulses, "Brakes On" is a high-octane track that sweeps you off of your feet and straight onto the dancefloor. Written about the fears of the speed of relationship development, the track makes commitment fears unrecognizable amongst the glossy pop beats and infectious guitar lines. Expansive and irresistibly addictive, "Brakes On" will be seeing you hit repeat over and over again. 

Speaking of the track, front man and vocalist Max Kendall says: "The first verse sees us enjoying a casual fling, until the chorus storms in like the fear of commitment itself. This is one of our favourite tracks to date actually, and in some ways it feels like a coming of age song. We've always wanted to write the music we love and grew up listening to, and that's always been the bottom line. In "Brakes On" you'll find everything from Madonna to George Michael, and Friendly Fires to Metronomy - it's a real celebration of everything we're about."

A tune that could easily be mistaken as a long lost Wham! tune, "Brakes On" is an extravagant release from Deco and proves that these boys are on to something incredible. "Brakes On" is an utter diamond and will go absolutely off when performed live.

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