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Roman Rouge finds true acceptance in "Dance Like This"

El Paso native Roman Rouge creates contemporary R&B fused pop oozing with swagger. His latest single entitled "Dance Like This" is all about nostalgia, acceptance and love. The track tells the story of when Roman first met a woman who was able to tame the demons inside of him. She accepted his flaws and with her encouragement and love, he was ultimately able to grow into the most confident version of himself.

The prolific singer-songwriter was not always so confident though. Roman struggled with a difficult childhood due to an absent father and a mother trying hard to cope as a single parent. At a young age, he was drawn to music, performing and creating as a way to escape loneliness. His debut single "Darkness" was released in early 2020 and the prolific artist has dropped a series of moody and emotive Alt R&B bangers ever since.

Sonically, "Dance Like This" captures the same late night vibe of his previous work. We are transported to a vision of high skyscrapers and bright city lights with feelings of a post-party emotional hangover, yet in the best way possible. His music can best be compared to The Weeknd meets Michael Jackson with a dash of Usher. What is most special about Roman though, is his dichotomy both socially and thematically. His music is dark yet light, dancing between being sweet but still mischievous, unruly yet composed.

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R&B · Soul


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