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IZZA appeases her demons on "Lows" [Video]

Articulate, fearless and confident in her delivery, it may come as a surprise that this is the debut single from alt-pop songstress IZZA. Exploring shades of darker electro pop flavoured by Y2K-era nostalgia, "Lows" is a bold opening statement, and displays the wealth of creativity that this London-based talent has to offer. 

To set the tone, a melancholic, washed out guitar loop introduces the track, and continues into the verses to propel the brooding and contemplative lyricism. "I had a dark couple of days before that" she reflects in an email statement. "I was anxious and not sure if I was on the right path. I wanted to write something that would pick me up. And it did.”

As her soulfully distinct tones tell an honest and relatable narrative, the production slowly introduces more synthetic elements that both elevate the rhythm and add a dynamic gravitas to her vocal delivery. The video, simplistic in its concept yet perfectly executed, portrays the everyday effects of this harrowing lyrical narrative.

She continues in the same statement, "Lows sends a message that it’s OK to have your demons. You can learn to live with them. Invite them to a party and make them dance!"

"Lows" is out now via Strange World Records.

Connect with IZZA: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify

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