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Emerging hip-hop act badmonsham releases third single "Doubt in My Mind" [Video]

Florida has long been a hub of great music, and badmonsham could be the next star out of the state. The rising rapper has just three songs to his name, but his polished production and effortless delivery set him apart from the rest. His masterful skill is no better shown than on this latest offering, "Doubt in My Mind." 

Beginning to work on his music career in high school, the Davenport, Florida native later moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dream. The music video for "Doubt in My Mind" is impossible to forget. The majority of the video sees badmonsham laying on an operating table rapping and singing directly into the camera while surgeons work on his brain. His eyes never lose focus as, fittingly, his singing on the chorus etches the words "ain't no doubt in my mind" into the listener's mind. It's a confident anthem, whose sonics are mellow but not reserved; he oozes a relaxed coolness as he raps on the track's verses. 

"Doubt in My Mind" shows badmonsham's sound as the complete package that it is. With witty rhymes and a memorable visual, this song is another strong showing for the promising new artist. 

Connect with badmonsham: Twitter | SoundCloud | Instagram | Facebook  

Hip-Hop · R&B · Rap


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