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Jack Dora gets "Pretty Damn Lit" on debut single

Dublin new-wave artist Jack Dora gets us all a little trippy in the music video release for his debut single ,"Pretty Damn Lit." 

With clear inspirations from the likes of  Billy Idol, Depeche Mode and The Weeknd, Jack Dora has stormed onto the Irish scene with this pre-COVID rave and drug-induced single. The track is inspired by the huge drug subculture that was sweeping the Irish dance scene before the global pandemic. This bouncy, fun production epitomizes exactly what it's like to lose your mind in the chaos of the rave and the consumption of drugs and how that makes you feel free. 

The production takes clear inspiration from the '80s synth-wave craze that is flowing through modern-day pop music. "Pretty Damn Lit" in its essence is a story. It's a story about finding happiness underneath the glow of the lights at a dirty, seedy DJ Set in some basement in Dublin. 

With the track and accompanying music video entirely self-produced by Dora, you can tell that creatively he has a lot to offer. The funky synth lines match perfectly with the thumping kick/snare conversation. The post-chorus break down is very unique and the vocal delivery is so eccentric it will keep your attention the entire time. The blend of pads and synths give the track a layered feeling and the songwriting is satirical but finds a way to be believable. 

Jack Dora is a brand new artist who doesn't take himself too seriously. Despite his cooky concept and comedic delivery, he has the potential to be a very interesting prospect in the Irish scene for years to come. 

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