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The Lumineers' Jeremiah Fraites announces solo debut album, drops first two singles, "Tokyo" and "Maggie"

In the quiet moments between life—a dog barking, child's laughter drifting from the next room, the whirr and hum of construction outside your window—and fantasy, there lives some truly vulnerable writing. Traditionally, it takes the form of a string of meaningful words, sewing themselves together into a tapestry of color and living emotion, but for The Lumineers' Jeremiah Fraites, no words seemed needed this time. 

The acclaimed band's co-founder has been slowly working on his own collection of songs for the better part of the past decade— a collection that has finally built itself into his solo debut album, Piano Piano, set for release on January 22nd. Featuring intimate, piano-centric instrumental songs, it is an album made for the little moments in life that can make up the entire world. "I love the bilingual double entendre of 'Piano Piano' meaning ‘step by step,’" he shares, hinting at his recent move to his wife's hometown of Turin, Italy. "The process of making this album was so difficult. I can’t overstate how stressful it was. Looking back it’s something that I’ll never forget." 

Along with the announcement, two of the leading singles, "Tokyo," and Maggie" were also released today, both set as personal dedications to their respective title inspirations: the bright, bustling city, and his wife's beloved dog that died during the recordings. Listen to them below. 


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