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Raquel Lily explores polyamory in "Heartstrings"

Filipino born, Atlanta-based Raquel Lily creates stunning soulful R&B dipped pop. Her latest single "Heartstrings" examines the idea of love and how all encompassing it can be. Sonically,

"Heartstrings" captivates with downtempo beats, silky vocals and Jazz infused guitars. The single musically feels nostalgic with Motown inspired layered harmonies, yet thematically discusses a modern and sometimes controversial idea of polyamory. Lily confides, "It was also on the heels of exploring concepts of polyamory in a long term relationship, realizing this love wasn't just something that could go away with some other side fling."

"Heartstrings" is off of her upcoming eight track LP I'm Leaving. The new album is all about coming of age in one's 20s. From falling in love, to experiencing loss and finding one's own sense of self-worth, the 20's can be transformative and Raquel Lily reminds us all to hang in there and enjoy the ride. 

Take a listen to "Heartstrings" and ponder what the concept of love means to you.

Connect with Raquel Lily : YouTube | Twitter | Instagram | Twitch



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