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Duckwrth's new album "SuperGood" is just that

The Westcoast has a big-time talent in LA-based artist, Duckwrth. His latest album, SuperGood has a title that speaks for itself. Finally, the rising star crafted his debut full-length since his major-label signing with Republic Records. The genre-bender added to his progressive funky discography on Aug. 21st. He worked on this project during the brink of COVID-19's international spread by writing and finishing every song on SuperGood in January.

"The theme of the album is this relationship I have with this girl and how I want to ask her on this first date," Duckwrth told the media in a video conference. There you have it. A love story. Introducing the album, "New Love Song" foreshadows the theme, as you hear what could be between Duckwrth and a love interest. He eloquently raps and sings to a female character who's introduced in the narrative.

With the album containing a blend of styles that include funk elements, hip hop elements, R&B, soul, and gospel touches, there aren't too many ways to classify what SuperGood is musically. Duckwrth said it best himself to the press when he said, "I'm a smoothie."

Having a major afropunk audience and fanbase, the selection of eclectic collaborators rang naturally with Kyle Dion, EARTHGANG, and a wide cast of other black alternative artists – a thing of beauty. But "Super Bounce" might very well be the brightest moment of the album with the EARTHGANG duo fellas from Atlanta. It comes in the second half of the 16-track project.

There are so many people hurt from all the sickness plaguing the world this year, both figuratively and literally. Though Duckwrth wrote this at the very start of 2020, he aims for this album to be one for people to be uplifted by, inspired by. In his own words, it's audio "medicine". What better than a love story.

The groovy close of SuperGood, "Find a Way" ends the album with help from three fairly new artists in Alex Mali, Radio Ahlee, and BAYLI. The funk rhythm is met with plush synth keys. This feel-good chillwave track is somewhat of a celebratory soundtrack to dance to as prior to it, the two characters in SuperGood are happily together on the title track.

The entire album is a beautiful journey of love and is absolutely worth a listen.

Connect with Duckwrth: Website | Apple Music | Instagram | Youtube | Twitter


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