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Church-Hill releases vibey second single "Maybe"

Rising artist Church-Hill is two for two. The 18-year-old is a lineal descendant of the Miwok Native American Tribe, and got his start with music writing and recording at his reservation's studio. His first track, "History," was released earlier this year and began to reveal how his music exists in a space that's a combination of folk music, indie pop, and hip-hop. His second single "Maybe" is a downtempo pop track that oozes a relaxed, very California vibe. 

"Maybe" is just as strong as "History," but may be more catchy.

The lyrics "need a big bank roll right now" are strongly delivered as the song begins, ensuring that we are grabbed by the chorus and never bored. Church-Hill's smooth pop vocals, combined with the steady instrumental, give the song a laid-back bounce that is as effortless as it is consistent. It's a song that nearly demands it be listened to outside on a nice day. 

Connect with Church-Hill: Twitter | SoundCloud | Instagram | churchhillmusic.com 


Indie Pop · Pop


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