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Lou Berry's "Dreamers" is ethereal bliss

Genre bending production prodigy Lou Berry has just released a new single “Dreamers,” featuring Gracy Hopkins and LYNN. The jam is a cerebral electronic jazz odyssey that eloquently unites humane and cosmic aesthetics. “Dreamers” comes ahead of Berry’s forthcoming Inner World, a layered LP that will be split up into five parts, due out on October 9. The jazz community hasn’t heard from Lou Berry in some time, as his recent output of singles follows a three year hiatus. “Dreamers” marks a significant return to form though, as its lush instrumentals and excellent vocal features make for a memorably psychedelic listen.

Berry’s latest is a groovy slow brew, gradually progressing with pulsing guitar runs, rich synth chords, and staggering drum beats. As deeper layers are continually added, the croons grow more and more urgent, posing questions of reality and illusion. The beat settles down around the minute and a half mark to feature a heady rap verse from Gracy Hopkins, who weaves into the minimal soundscape cleanly. When the track returns to full force, it’s a truly immersive listening experience. The full hook rings with mysterious grace, sounding like a deep plunge down the rabbit hole.

Lou Berry is a true mastermind on “Dreamers,” as his excellent production and smooth backing vocals brings the best out of his collaborators. He’s developed a rich sonic environment where the spotlight shines brightest on the seamless interactions between voices; it’s impressive how all of these uniquely strange ideas manage to mesh so well. Berry’s calculated songs are not only fascinating to watch unfold, but also an absolute blast to listen to.

Connect with Lou Berry: Spotify | Twitter | Instagram

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