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Say “hiiii” to the hyperpop of SHLVES

SHLVES is part mystery, all action. The POC-led anonymous project based out of New York City pulls inspiration from avant-garde fashion, PC music, consumer culture, and film scores. They not only aim to create a hyper-realistic audio experience, but also hope to match that with stimulating visuals. SHLVES first popped up with their debut single “BOY” a couple months ago, and are back to tantalize with a new single called “hiiii.” 

The energy from “hiiii” is contagious. With its faster tempo, glitchy electronic beats, and futuristic vibe, “hiiii” brings all the club hype straight to you. SHLVES packs hard-hitting texture, intelligent breakdowns, and intricately layered melodies into an experience lasting just over 2-minutes. Fleeting synths and metallic accents complete mood and show off the technical skills of the masterminds behind SHLVES. This track "hiiii" is out now, but keep an eye out for more new tunes and their debut MCQUEEN EP coming soon.

Connect with SHLVES: Spotify | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Club · Dance · Electro · Electronic · Future Pop


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