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Ekelle releases impactful new single “Dropped” [Video]

Ekelle’s latest release “Dropped” blend hip-hop and R&B elements to describe the artist’s personal experience being falsely arrested by police. The accompanying music video is a simple and colorful visual aesthetic with Ekelle as the focal point. The contrast between the carefree video and the weight of the meaningful lyrics is an ambitious approach to tackling racial injustice.

“Dropped” is a smooth depiction of beat poetry wrapped in a sultry R&B beat. Ekelle’s voice holds a melodic sound throughout the track, as the nonchalant vibe and whimsical visuals make for an easy Summertime listen. Her lyrics cut deep and don't hold back as she valiantly describes deeper relevant issues in society.

Ekelle's ability to highlight social causes and emotional turmoil through mesmerizing songwriting is compelling. She shares, “This song is quite personal, and I hope humanizes the issues of racial profiling and police brutality as our only hope in winning this fight is to see each other as human beings.”

Connect with Ekelle: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Spotify

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