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Falcon Jane travels to "The Other Moon" in new release [Video]

Ontario-based project Falcon Jane - the moniker for the primary songwriter of the group, Sara May - have released a haunting single titled "The Other Moon." Drawing from personal experiences of death, memory and miscommunication, Falcon Jane craft an honest and enchanting track with an emotional impact that lingers long after the last note fades away.

"The Other Moon" offers swooning guitars that float around May's rich vocal performance. Sharp synths give the track a sense of urgency as layers of vocal harmonies and textures build to powerful dynamic effect. May says the track "is a love letter to my late Nonna whose death inspired me to start recording this album. Despite being from two completely different generations, and speaking two different languages, my Nonna and I had a very special connection...my Nonna would always cheekily joke about her own death, and through her broken English, she claimed that when she died she'd be going to 'The Other Moon.''

The accompanying video shows May preparing for a DIY trip through space, that involves welding a spacecraft in a metal shop to running on a treadmill and lifting weights at the gym. The visuals translate the emotional journey of the track into a physical journey, that culminates in sweeping shots of earth from space. Reaching for connection and understanding, 'The Other Moon' shows May pushing through darkness and miscommunication to express love in a way that feels familiar and important.

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