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Skandra unveils her fanciful and quirky visuals for "Rivers"

Alexandra Duparc the brainchild behind Skandra, is a huge supporter of other musicians and singers getting their work out there, but when it comes to her own she is more private. Duparc has gone from rarely sharing her work to now finally playing her own music and after hearing her latest single “Rivers” you will be very glad she is. The effervescent track vibrating with deep bass and striking synths, tells a toxic tale of the one you love repeatedly causing you pain. The vintage Alice and Wonderland inspired visuals vividly display the ups and downs of a tumultuous relationship. Complete with checkerboards and tea parties, the video transports the viewer straight through the looking glass.

Duparc diligently honed in on her craft from a young age, touring the world as a musician at just 15. Producing and releasing her own albums throughout her career, that deep dedication and drive still rings true as she finds her place in the indie music scene. The singer-songwriter also created a non-profit venture, Treehouse, where talents of all backgrounds and genres would come together in her Los Feliz back house and perform. During that period though, no one knew she had been cultivating her music career for the past five years. Check out the whimsical offering now and get lost in an imaginative, unconventional world.

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