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Sally Boy is addicted to desire in his video for "Stormy"

Lust and love can be hard to differentiate. When all you want is to spend your days next to a certain person, never leaving their side, a bond starts to form that can be seen as the equivalent to addiction. Instead of being addicted to alcohol or drugs, you're addicted to the feeling of wanting someone. Becoming aware of your infatuation requires sifting through your thoughts, trying to pinpoint exactly why you feel the way you do, and Sally Boy does just that in his new video for "Stormy."

The track begins with bouncy synths, as we are taken into the subconscious mind of Sally Boy. He sits amidst clutter, sifting through it, with a look of frustration on his face. As he does this he ponders whether his feelings of desire are self-induced, the opening lyric being, "Maybe it's my own fault." As we reach the chorus he seems to grow more restless, tossing things aside, as he sings, "Day and night she’s my summertime storm / Nothing’s quite like those legs of hers / Day and night she’s my summertime storm." Occasionally the video becomes distorted, sometimes with sporadic Post-it note like tags that appear as quickly as they come, one of them reading "Distortions Of The Mind + Preventative Measures***." This adds to the feeling of the frenzied mood Sally Boy conveys on screen.

In the second verse Sally Boy stares himself down in the mirror as he sings, "Tell me it’s my own fault / Maybe I can know it’s true / I’m an addict / Kicked the habit / But using is the only way through to you." The intersection of the mirror with these specific lyrics lets us know that Sally Boy is aware of both his addiction to desire and the circumstances that led him there. But he might be in his head too much to pull himself out of it. Towards the end of the second verse and into the last chorus the acoustic guitar adds in a new layer of vulnerability as Sally Boy hesitantly asks if he's been forgotten, before jumping right back into the impassioned chorus. Throughout the song we never actually hear Sally Boy say the song's title. But because of the contrast between the lust-filled chorus and the verses that are shrouded in self-doubt and blame, we can infer that this relationship is just that - stormy. 

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