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 Mr. Attila sends out a message of hope on "Whole Wide World" [Video]

UK artist Mr. Attila's newest release "Whole Wide World" is all about hope and positive thoughts. The rapper and producer is charting his own path with his brand of infused hip-hop showing his songwriting versatility and his love for multi genres.

"Whole Wide World" is a chilled mid-tempo cut that takes elements from both rap and pop. The lush textures deviate from the standard grit of rap but the bounce stays true to the genre as Mr. Attila shares his thoughts on life as it is. Surrounded by a world where plans can easily go awry, he takes on the mantle of the positive guy who looks at the bright side. His storytelling lyricism shares some of his daily activities with a solemn tone and reminds the rest of us that life is rough but might as well enjoy the good parts as much as you can. The visual concept I must admit was what attracted me to the song. It makes extensive use of the fisheye lens to capture the rapper's view of the world as his stage. 

"Whole Wide World" is the third single from his debut album out 07/08/2020.

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