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PelhamBx brings the heat with new album 'Bronck's Land'

PelhamBx, an artist from The Bronx, New York, is back to give us his notorious gritty old school hip-hop vibes on his new album Bronck's Land

Taking full advantage of the birthplace of hip-hop being The Bronx, PelhamBx has taken pride in introducing his borough throughout all his years of rapping. In 2015, he released an album titled The Bronx and in 2018, he released, The Owners Manual, which features the well renowned, Sheek Louch and Maino. Both of these albums were heavily influenced by his borough and its history of hip-hop. On this new album Bronck's Land, PelhamBx carries this theme well onto this new as well. 
The third track of the album, "Glory," gives off an authentic feeling that quickly evokes emotions by the sounds and through the songwriting. The trumpets introduces a wistful atmosphere, automatically intertwining a heavenly and angelic aura that triggers a reminiscing emotion. The piano keys add on to this nostalgia by a kind of classical sound, slightly similar to jazz music. While being sonically pleasing, the words make this track even more powerful due to the strong story that they tell. Both the lyrics and the sounds paint a perfect picture of the darkness of struggle and the beauty in making it out and reaching the light. 
The fourth track "Hood Stories" is a very intriguing track that pulls us right in. The guitar riffs create a special effect, introducing rock to a rap song. As the track progresses, the suspense increases and we get hooked. The repetition of the sounds produce a dark and obscure environment while PelhamBX intelligently incorporates complex wordplay. These lyrics combined with the mysterious sounds are beautifully intertwined as he swiftly delivers the pain that the hood continues to go through.
"Kings Court" is the perfect track for closing off the album on a strong note. This specific track wisely introduces a nostalgic feeling, as the boom bap sounds and a catchy chorus quickly brings us back to the 90s. PelhamBX is unafraid to bring the heat, which is shown through the energy in his vigorous delivery. The carefully selected words have a complexity that is meant to be understood by those who are willing to open and expand their minds in order to elevate higher. 
PelhamBx undeniably brought a taste of New York throughout this whole album, giving us all flashbacks of another era. Stay tuned for future projects that he's working on. 
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