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Elais Park has "Been Busy"

Nikoli Partiyeli, who performs under the alias Elais Park, is a jack of all trades. His new single, "Been Busy" is indicative of just how busy Partiyeli has been. Having arrived back in Los Angeles after touring with Wallows, as their photographer, he has been channeling all of his energy into his music. 

Following the release of "Greyhound," a dream-pop track that he worked on with Boy Willows, "Been Busy" showcases the musical range that Partiyeli possesses. The intense bass and animated percussion serve to support his introspective lyricism in the verses. As we reach the chorus the vocals become high-pitched and distorted, a direct contradiction to the heaviness that precedes it. It seems as though the distortion is used to show a shift from the contemplation of a lack of control to a carefree confidence.

As his discography expands, so does his exploration of production and songwriting. Having written and produced "Been Busy," Partiyeli drew from the artistic mental blocks he had previously been feeling. In a sense, it is his reminder of how overwhelming it is to find yourself within your artistry. Simultaneously, the song is an affirmation to himself to continue to embody a positive mindset, in order for him to create his best art. 

We have seen that Partiyeli is capable of using sonic elements that span from jazz, to dream pop, to hip-hop, so to see what he releases next, is anybody's guess. One thing is for sure though: Partiyeli has cemented himself in the genre-bending generation of artists that are redefining what it means to make music, one song at a time. 

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