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The Honeysticks get experimental on new track “Cars”

Already, LA-based indie group The Honeysticks stood out by making music unlike most of other bands of their time. Some of their hits like “Out like a Light” and “I Don’t Love You Anymore” held characteristics of '50s and '60s rock and pop music, similar to Buddy Holly or Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons. Their vocal harmonies paired with some crisp guitar solos captured the dreamy haze of summer nights. Finally, after more than a year of hiatus, the band has returned with their sonically and lyrically abstract song “Cars”. It’s different than what their fans might me be used to, but it still carries the same depth and originality that makes their other tracks so memorable.

Right off the bat, the band branches out into a modern sound with drum machines and bright keyboard keys. However, it fluctuates, going from evident autotune in the bridge to that classic Honeysticks sound mentioned earlier. They put two extremely different styles side by side, but still manage to make it sound cohesive and enjoyable.  

Frontman and songwriter, Ricky Montgomery, even gets more innovative in his lyrics. The song sings about someone’s love for their car. The premise may seem peculiar, but it also makes sense. The song describes the independence that comes with driving. Sometimes, it feels like you and your car against the world. The Honeysticks show their appreciation for the fact that their car can take them away to new places and away from their troubles.

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