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Polo & Pan deliver good news on "Feel Good" EP

Parisian electronic duo Polo & Pan have released their first comprehensive new music of 2020, in the form of a four-track EP with a title and energy in great need for the year. Aptly titled Feel Good, the en vogue act has whet the palate of demand for the French Touch revival sound complete with quirk and style.

Following the release of the EP's eponymous, the if-Gorillaz-at-their-height-saw-sunny-skies-instead-of-melancholy lead single earlier this summer, Feel Good takes an inspired and artistic world view. The release internalizes their experiences around the world, with clear expressions of world music through the disco-inspired "Pili Pili." In a statement, they explained further, "The more we have traveled, both geographically and from a sonic point of view, the larger the canvas. Imagination is memory and by listening to thousands of songs, syntheses are formed in our creative process. We exchange our ideas and choose the best without ever listening to our ego. We let our fantasies speak. Feel Good takes us sailing on the Nile or exploring across the Amazon."

The EP concludes with a Pink Floyd trip to send us off into the sunset entitled "Peter Pan," leaving a mark that only lights the fire of demand for more Polo & Pan in our global time of need. Promising an album in the near future, Feel Good will do for now.

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