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Baker Grace gets personal on the introspective "Up All Night"

There has been a lot of discourse lately about the woes of the younger generation and the overwhelming climate that they're now forced to grow up in. While my time's teen pop stars sang heavily of broken hearts, dancefloor thrills, and more broken hearts, today's artists' focus ranges from political to body-positive and everything in between. But even when the writing turns personal, they still surprise with a level of depth and maturity beyond their years, much like New Jersey's 19-year-old Baker Grace's newest single, "Up All Night." 

Produced by Brooklyn's Cautious Clay, "Up All Night" narrates a period of self-reflection aimed at better understanding the actions of others, but more importantly, how those actions get interpreted. "Who am I judge the way you feel about the things I don't know? / Who am I judge the pain you caused when you were feeling so low?", Grace softly ruminates on the understated chorus. While the production marries an acoustic melody with a contemporary electronic embellishment, it does well to tip-toe around her honeyed vocals, letting the message sink in before sealing it with a sophisticated percussive beat. 

Though the lyrics are overtly personal and descriptive of Grace's own journey toward a more loving and understanding self, "Up All Night" is essentially a blank canvas for filling in your own narrative. "Everybody has a story," she shares, "and I think it’s important to take the time to understand each other and become more compassionate, so we can learn, grow, and heal together.”

Contrary to pop culture belief, the kids are, in fact, alright. 

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