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Sophie Meiers knows what’s “better for you” in new single

Singer, songwriter and producer Sophie Meiers began her career by collaborating with musicians such as Nohidea and Huck over Soundcloud. While taking a break from theses collaborative endeavours, Meiers has focused on developing a new production alias GUTTERGIRL and working on a debut album set to release in 2020. Meiers’ work encompasses many genres, including bedroom pop to lofi hip-hop and r&b. Meiers' latest single, "better for you" is a testament to Meiers' ability to blend genres in order to create a memorable track.

“better for you” is an intimate pop song with tangible emotion carried through Meris’ ethereal vocal. A looping bass line and simple programmed drums provide structure and allow for soft synths and guitars to build throughout the track. Heartfelt lyrics contemplate the consequences of walking away from a fraught relationship, and soft harmonies highlight the infectious lead vocal melody. "better for you" is a track with the unique ability to spur both a dance party or a good cry and offers an exciting glimpse into Meiers' upcoming album.

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