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Egzod and Sarah De Warren start a "Wildfire"

The tireless work ethic of Miami-based bass music powerhouse Egzod is quite remarkable. Six singles into 2020, he's offered a multitude of takes on his adrenaline-pumping, apocalyptic sound and on his sixth, he rejuvenates the future bass aesthetic with his unmistakable world music-infused approach.

The sparse introduction, led by simple chords and a soaring top-line from London-based vocalist Sarah de Warren, takes its time in building the tension. Extra synths and vocal harmonies fill out the soundscape as a huge drum line sweeps in to add to the foreboding urgency, performing like military drums on the way into battle. The rhythms crescendo into the inevitable drop, which sees future bass' typical pulsating chords delivered with aggressive energy, propelled by the unrelenting syncopated rhythms.

In an email statement regarding the track, Egzod states, "'Wildfire' is about the times when it's hard to keep going. In life, there will always be resistance that will test our ability to go above and beyond."

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Connect with Sarah de Warren: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | SoundCloud

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