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Nia Wyn shares double A-side single "Atlantis"

Forever gracing us with wise tunes, the London-via-North-Wales neo-soul singer-songwriter Nia Wyn returns with not one, but two singles. What a treat huh!

Kickstarting the weekend with the mellow, tender "Atlantis", Wyn sings about wanting to find her own true utopia. Underscored with cathartic guitar strings, the track drifts calmly through a melody of soulful rhythms. Crafting a sleek, elegant dreamscape, the track showcases Wyn's wonderful songwriting abilities. "The myth that Atlanteans could control things like the weather and time is powerful in a world where we often feel helpless," says Wyn. "I was imagining this idyllic heavenly place you could run to with a lover to escape being deep into a bank overdraft, pressures from family and society and social media." 

Yet, the second single "Ghosted" holds a more R&B infused sound. Written about two people, who were once close, drifting apart, the track gives the horrific millennial term gets a refreshing uplift. Detailing Wyn's inimitable vocals yet again, "Ghosted" invigorates with its frank lyrics. Telling us about the harsh new societal norm, Wyn says: "I think being ghosted is now a universal experience in some way - whether its friends or dates who drop off the face of the earth completely or only speak to you when things are going good in their life or they want something from you." 

Delving into the depths of Nia Wyn's catalogue of tunes will no doubt have you wanting to submerse yourself even further into the deep neo-soul world. Both "Atlantis" and "Ghosted" embrace Wyn's typical sound yet they both have hints at something new. Something wiser. Whatever that may be, these tunes sound like soon to be classics.

Nia Wyn is heading off on a UK tour with the legendary Paul Weller next March. 

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