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Sofia Carson and R3HAB touch on the memories of a former flame in "Miss U More Than U Know"

Following on from the releases of "Rumors" and "I Luv U" in 2018 and 2019 respectively, pop artist/actress Sofia Carson has teamed up with her frequent Amsterdam-based collaborator and producer R3HAB on their third collaborative single, "Miss U More Than U Know".

"Rumors" sees Carson and R3HAB on their third single together, creating music that touches on the feeling of a former love interest who lingers on in the background. This dance-pop anthem sees the two dynamic artists provide a platform for Carson to one again showcase her sonically, pleasing vocal range on an anthem that is instrumental-driven with a whole lot of basslines and tingles to boot.

As this pop anthem goes, it just goes to show that no matter how far you happen to live apart (in this case on an entirely different timezone), if you click with someone creatively then it's still possible to create great pieces of art. Carson and R3HAB have managed to pull it off for a third time.

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