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jens' "Nocturnal" is addictive pop bliss

Known for its envelope-pushing impact on all things pop for decades, Scandinavia has a burgeoning new icon by virtue of Norway's jens. Emerging in 2018, he's maintained a progressive and high-quality consistency with his sound, proving that his breakout debut hit "Mixtape" wasn't a mere fluke.

Returning with his second single of the year, "Nocturnal" is another standout in his ever-expanding pop tapestry.

His past touring with indie rock bands across Norway informs a level of urgency to his highly polished off-kilter pop, with "Nocturnal" being the perfect introduction to him and his sound. The sparseness of the introduction pulls focus to his emphatic vocal, which is delivered with a slight Norwegian lilt that adds to its distinctive presence. The production builds towards the addictive chorus, which recalls Charlie Puth's "Attention" with its simple beat and a punchy bassline that further compliment the breadths of his vocal talents.

In the email press release, he outlines, "Nocturnal is written about an on-and-off relationship I was involved with, the track can definitely be called self-biographical. To me, the song is a great soundtrack to a carefree summer fling."

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