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90's Kids articulate modern love on the anthemic "Freak Me Out"

With a feature on Midnight Kids standout debut EP not long in the rearview mirror, Ohio underdogs 90's Kids' story continues on their first solo works of 2020, "Freak Me Out." 


With much of their music harbouring a rock-derived in-your-face grit expertly syphoned through the gloss of contemporary pop, "Freak Me Out" embarks from the latter. Sugary and buoyant in its energy, it brings the poignancy of the lyricism into an intimate balance, juxtaposing bright plucked strings against a challenging narrative on young love. Regarding the lyricism they outline in a statement, "It was fun to dig into the idea of a relationship where there's so many warning signs, but you've already gotten so deep that it hits you all at once and you're totally freaked out."

Following on from the nostalgia-heavy "High School" from late last year, the alt-pop purveyors continue that, "Freak Me Out" is our favorite song we’ve written to date," a factor you can truly feel in the level of enthusiasm of their performance. They lead on to note that "It's actually the first song that we totally self-produced, and it showcases everything about what 90's Kids is - where we've been as a band, and where we're going in the future." 

The chorus switches gears to the rockier shades of their palette, with stadium-sized synths that dutifully replace the more typically-placed guitar. The production and vocals coalesce to push the track into an anthemic territory, a hallmark of their resoundingly progressive sound. With this level of consistency after expanding into fully self-producing their own works, that aforementioned future is an irrefutably bright one.

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