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SG Guillotine is back to give us "Time & Energy"

SG Guillotine kicked off 2020 with a bang and he has returned with a brand new single titled "Time & Energy." SG continues to mark his territory in the Irish hip-hop scene and doing it in incredible style. 

Following the release of his PROSPECT EP last April, SG Guillotine continues the year full strength with the release of his latest single "Time & Energy." This modern-day trap ballad features everything you can ask of a romantic hip-hop cut. The moody pianos mirrored with hectic trap drums and an interesting pitched vocal samples throughout the record certainly set a mood. 

The beat is the perfect playground for SG. The melodics on this record are infectious and clean and huge step up from prior releases. The attention to detail within the cadences are spectacular. The lyrics are all you can expect from a modern trap love story. However, this version sounds more condensed and understandable than most. You can see the storytelling ability bleed through the auto-tune layered vocals. 

SG Guillotine's musical journey has just begun. The Kilkenny MC is making waves and it will be really exciting to see where it goes from here. The sounds are not unique but are done well and overall, it was a hell of a listen. 

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