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Smokehouse step into the foreground with debut single "Slowly"

Having spent much of their careers behind the scenes, Canadian songwriters, producers and multi-instrumentalists Daniel MacKenzie and Peter Mol boldly step into the spotlight as alternative rock duo Smokehouse and their resounding debut single "Slowly."


Elements of psychedelic rock, trip-hop, electronica, and alternative pop come through most prevalently, as they masterfully cherry-pick familiar sounds from a myriad of styles and eras, salubriously mixing the old with the new. Sampled drums bring an energetic counterbalance to the hazy introduction as the track builds towards its defining feature, the chorus. A blissful wall of sound unfurls, guitars and synths synergistically build enormous, shimmering chords that grant acres of space for their truly addictive joint falsetto. 

With a debut of this calibre, keep your eyes peeled for what's next from this inspired duo, including their debut album – which is slated for release this coming November.

Connect with Smokehouse: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify



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