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MAKOLA implores us to smell the "Coffee" [Video]

Emcee/producer Makola is all about good times and vibrations on an uplifting summer-tinged cut titled "Coffee."  Over a smooth soulful boom-bap backdrop, the East London native paints a picture of the new world where regular activities are being regulated or completely restricted while looking forward to the return to normalcy. His approach is quite hearty to some degree as he keeps things grounded with his everyday man demeanor and relatability.


The Jan Trygg-edited visual is a 3-minute display of 2020 post-pandemic escapism and follows Makola as he prepares for his daily routine. It seems nothing as changed, just yet as he is still under the lockdown. We also get to see various parts of the borough of Hackney to be precise. The video does capture how the inner London area looks like as the lockdown slowly loosens up. It is quite different from what I remembered and sure shows how truly this pandemic has changed everything forever.

Get "Coffee" on Spotify.

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