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Little Kid shares tender "All Night (Golden Ring)"

Dreamy indie folk outfit Little Kid has released an endearing new single "All Night (Golden Ring)." The soothing track comes ahead of their next studio album Transfiguration Highway which is slated for release on July 3rd. It also comes with a gorgeous matching visual that shows a serene landscape across multiple planes. "All Night (Golden Ring)" is a gorgeous duet from Kenny Boothby and Megan Lunn, who both bring strong vocals that honor their folk predecessors in a modern context. This latest effort is a poignant one that radiates comfort and reassurance amidst a chaotic year.

"All Night (Golden Ring)" is an homage and exploration to the relationship of Tammy Wynette and George Jones, a legendary yet complicated power couple from country music history. In the Little Kid iteration of the duet, Kenny and Megan croon softly over a soft 3/4 time country instrumental. The slow pace allows the rich piano chords, gentle guitar plucks, and warm harmonica tones to properly brew. Vocally, Megan and Kenny are a match made in heaven, as their voices harmonize elegantly together while the two sing about the need to create in the midst of emotional hardship. The track progresses to bring in some joyful whistles and uplifting organ chords, climaxing with a truly anthemic outro instrumental.

"All Night (Golden Ring)" takes its time excellently, allowing each intricate layer to shine for itself in fleeting moments. Its a true stop and smell the flowers kind of track, grounding and warming through and through. The meditative peace at work here is a rare gem.

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