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Baba Ali shares the fierce single "Oh My" [+ Exclusive Album Stream]

Padded with ferocious thuds, London-based artist Baba Ali's latest single "Oh My"—taken from his experimental project Rethinking Sensual Pleasure—is a force to be reckoned with. Abruptly greeted with abrasive sounds and distorted vocals that Iggy Pop would be proud of, the single is a hunky twist to the usual funk sounds we're usually familiar with. But I'm absolutely here for it because "Oh My" is an utter smash.

Underlined with meaty chord lines and interspersed with the odd frantic electronics, "Oh My" is a sleek, punk-infused track. Despite it coming in under 2 minutes, it leaves a salty taste in your mouth, making you want to return for another few tastes before moving on to the sweeter, funk-filled tunes on the rest of the mixtape. "This song is like a jolt back to reality" says Ali. "But it's happening at 200mph. This started out as a fugazi rip-off, and I've never really written a song this short before. We had a fun time recording it. The energy is undeniable."

Despite its intensity and clashing sounds, the surrounding songs on Rethinking Sensual Pleasure take on a more relaxed approached. Recorded with guitarist and collaborator Nik Balchin while locked down in the US, the mixtape aims to "explore the human sensations of desire, escapism, angst and disruption". Filtered with an array of exciting melodies and rhythms, the mixtape is a collection of tracks you can really sink your teeth into. 

Wanna hear the hearty grooves for yourself? Check out our exclusive stream of the mixtape below.

Rethinking Sensual Pleasure is out now via Danger Mouse's 30th Century Records.

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