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ATL’s very own Wesson Desir releases his latest track “Zeus”

“Zeus” is the perfect balance of reflection and manifestation for the rising Atlanta rap star. 22-year-old Wesson Desir got his start like many other hip hop sensations today: on SoundCloud. However, in just a few years, the South Atlanta native has racked up a wider appeal with nearly 100k plays on SoundCloud and over 80k views on YouTube. This week, he caught our attention with his latest track “Zeus” proclaiming that his career is about to skyrocket to higher heights while simultaneously meditating on all of his musical accomplishments thus far. 

Produced by Niagara Beats, “Zeus” includes an intricate soundscape encapsulating our attention throughout the entire track. Like other songs in his catalog, Wesson Desir has delivered a banger full of lyrical darts aimed at anyone who has slept on him in the past. Although his previous hit track “22” caught the attention of many because it’s “trap-soul” melodic vibes, Wesson Desir has showcased his range with “Zeus” giving us a heavy-hitting, rapid-fire spitting rap track. Alongside other tastemakers in hip hop including Lyrical Lemonade and Pigeons & Planes, we agree that Wesson Desir is an essential rising artist for 2020. We will continue to keep our eyes peeled and ears open for what he drops next.

Listen to “Zeus” by Wesson Desir here

Connect with Wesson Desir: Spotify | Soundcloud | Instagram

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