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GEMINIJYNX tells us why he is the "Realest of em All"

GEMINIJYNX releases a new visual titled "Realest of em All." This artist and engineer from The Bronx, New York shakes up the 5 boroughs place with the vibrant energy that exudes from the screen.


Recently, GEMINIJYNX won Hot 97's who's NEXT competition. This only further excited his fans, who showed their eagerness  for him to release a music video for his newly released single on Instagram. GEMINIJYNX definitely did not disappoint. Meeting thesee expectations, the smooth flow quickly gravitated all of us to the music. Having a catchy repetition on the beats, they serve as a magnetic field, bringing us in to hear more and more. The words perfectly match the snappy sounds, as they are easy-going yet emit intensity. This creates an uplifting environment. Beautifully rapping about how he had to separate his heart from his mind so his focus could be clearer,  his wordplay is as alluring as the lively beats. Shot by NeedSnapz, the visual illuminates the colorful lights, getting us ready to stay up all night and get lost in the city lights while the music plays. Being the perfect night-time song, "Realest of em All," is ready to wake up all those who are sleep on GEMINIJYNX.

Connect with GEMINIJYNX: Instagram | Twitter | Spotify 



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